Design Principals

“Our cars are meant to be driven – not polished”.

- F. Porsche




“Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”
- F. L. Wright




Intelligent AV DesignTM

At CMS we believe in the true synergy of the space and the practical tool of AV technologies.



Understanding Our Clients’ Needs

CMS is acutely aware that the systems they provide for their clients must be user-friendly, reliable, cost effective and, most importantly, technically complete. We approach each project by combining these principles with the specific needs and requirements of the client. The end result is a system delivered on time, on budget and technically exceptional.
“User Friendly”

CMS believes that systems operation should not be a concern for the end-user. Our designs enable end-users to quickly feel comfortable and confident with their new systems. We offer each client working control panels BEFORE the systems are even built so we can get feedback on end-user issues and correct them long before they are installed.


Each CMS design is field proven reliable. We test pilot each system we design. We evaluate each component choosing only those that are proven reliable and serviceable for their designs. We believe simple yet effective designs provide a solid foundation for reliability.
Cost Effective

We strive to provide each client with the “best” possible system at the lowest possible cost. Our systems are designed to meet the client’s needs simply, not excessively.